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Our Computer Company

EuroSalesUS manufactures and markets high-quality products that enhance the life, performance, and functionality of notebook and desktop computers.

EuroSalesUS is also known for its first class customer service and support.

All EuroSalesUS computer products ship with:

  • a full warranty (unless otherwise noted)
  • and an overnight replacement guarantee.

Our Toll-Free customer service number and website address are on every computer product we sell.

Replacement Hard Drives

Enjoy faster download times with replacement hard drives from EurosalesUS! We have a variety of replacement hard drives in many sizes and speeds to fit your needs. Our company offers the highest in quality computer products. Contact us today to order.

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EuroSalesUS was started as Sigma Data in 1980. It began as a computer sales company that sold hard drives and memory to corporate clients in the U.S. market. The company evolved over the years into a manufacturing company: Sigma Data. In 2006 our customers began asking for legacy parts in addition to Sigma Data products.

We renamed the company EuroSalesUS at that time.

EuroSalesUS, Inc., now provides processors, system boards, and power supplies, in addition to hard drives and memory. We also offer thousands of PC parts from major IT manufacturers in the country, like IBM, Dell, Compaq, and HP. We also support all major printer brands.

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